Executive Director Synergy Leadership Circle- Building a Better Board 

No sessions scheduled currently, check back here for updates!

In partnership with Think Good Leadership, the Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley is pleased to share our dates for our winter/spring program for Synergy Leadership Circles for Executive Directors.

Synergy Leadership Circles provide nonprofit leaders with a safe space to build their leadership capacity and mindset with the support of their peers and a trained facilitator so that leaders are free to discuss the unique challenges and experiences of serving as nonprofit leaders. Our current program details are: 

Building a Better Board: Peer Coaching Circles for Executive Director’s

Let’s face it…no one prepares nonprofit professionals for working with Boards. It is a unique partnership. One that requires mutually aligned expectations and crucial conversations.

If you can relate to anyone of these statements, this program is for you.  

  • Is your relationship with your Board chair stressing you out?
  • Are your Board members at odds with each other? Are they running to you to solve their conflicts?
  • Do you need support in dealing with difficult people?
  • Do you need new techniques for working with Board members who just don’t get what you do?
  • Do you need some tools for running more effective meetings?
  • Are you desperate for new Board members?
  • Are you addressing the “hit by a truck” scenario with your Board?
  • Do you know how to introduce new ideas to your Board?
  • Do you know how to talk to your Board about fundraising?
  • Are you suffering from “lone leader” syndrome?
  • Is your Board too in the weeds of your organization?
  • Does your Board lack vision?
  • What does healthy Board engagement look like?
  • Is anyone willing to step up and lead on your Board?
  • How do you get past “well that’s how we have always done things here” mentality

The Build a Better Board Peer Coaching Circle for Executive Director’s brings nonprofit leaders together in a safe place to share strategies for building exemplary partnerships with their Boards.

Sessions will be facilitated by Deb Cummins Stellato, President of Think Good Leadership and Karen Smith, CEO of Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley. Each monthly session will start with a quick overview of best practices on a specific topic area. Participants will be encouraged to get feedback from peers on specific, current challenges. A closed Facebook group will be created for continuous learning between sessions.

Peer Coaching Circles provide participants with opportunities to:

  • Build the bonds of a group development program.

  • Turn their time together into a community of practice.

  • Providing a “safe” space for sharing results and requesting support.

  • Have takeaway tools and documentation that can benefit you and your board. 


Program Specifics:

  • This program is a partnership between the Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley and Think Good Leadership

  • Enrollment fee is $325 per person for all 5 sessions (Agency Member)

  • Enrollment fee is $375 per person for all 5 sessions (Non-Agency Member)

Checks can be made payable to the Volunteer Center or you can register on line and use the payment options provided on the form. 

Registration is required. For more information on this program please contact Karen Daly Smith

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